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There are several kinds of retrofit:

    Pure mechanical, with or without repainting.
    Software retrofits (upgrading of the numerical controls).

Pure mechanical retrofit with or without repainting

Your ageing machines can be restored as new. A CNC SYSTEMS technician comes to your premises to make a best assessment of the cost involved. He defines which parts need renovating and/or replacing. Since a machine comprises essentially three, sometimes four axes, we can repair it axis-by-axis or as a whole machine! This includes ballscrews, clamps, bearings, turcite, bushings, and rectification of the beds. We can also renovate spindles and gearboxes.

Depending on the machine and the type of work to be carried out, we decide whether it's best to bring the machine back to our workshops or to carry out the jobs on site.

If you so wish, the machine can then be repainted.

Software retrofit

This applies to machines fitted with old versions of software and using obsolete equipment (Tigre III, IV, V, and VI). We upgrade the computer equipment with the latest generation hardware and we can then replace your old numerical controls with a current version, either TIGRE VII or ARCHIMEDES.

Our TIGRE and ARCHIMEDES numerical controls can both be adapted to suit most old or new milling machines and machining centres. We carry out the feasibility and design studies with you to make sure we come up with the best answer to your requirement.

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