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CNC SYSTEMS was founded as a company in UNGERSHEIM in 1978 under the name of “Société Alsacienne d’Applications Mathématiques”. Its business was that of adapting milling machines to numerical control. The performance of these controls and the success they enjoyed in the mechanical engineering industry led the product to be scaled up to suit machining centres and milling machines at the top end of the size range.

The numerical control system was a joint Franco-Israeli development and enabled a high performance product to be offered that was ahead of anything most competitors could match. Significant steps in its evolution have been:

    1979: 3D machining
    1985: laser digitisation
    1989: first use of an IBM-compatible PC in “TIGRE 5”
    1995: high speed machining in “TIGRE 6”"
    1998: "TIGRE 7" (Windows 98 platform)
    2007: "ARCHIMEDES" (Windows 2000PRO platform)

The full product range is marketed under the CNC SYSTEMS name in France and as SHARNOA in all other countries.

CNC SYSTEMS escaped relatively unscathed from economic downswings early in its history because its product was innovative and a forerunner in the field of complex-shape machining, most of its customers at the time being toolmakers. The last economic crisis, however, affected the whole of industry and was much more strongly felt, exacerbated in 1990 by the investment in a new unit located in Soultz comprising 3000 square metres of buildings.

CNC SYSTEMS reacted to this crisis by selling the Soultz premises and recentering its manufacturing business to the Lyon region, where most of the customer base is to be found.

1995 saw the implementation of a new structure whose objective was to double sales. This objective was not only met but exceeded in 1996.

Backed by the strength of its industrial experience and its highly qualified workforce, CNC SYSTEMS continues to thrive.

With a machine shop comprising around 2000 machines, CNC SYSTEMS remains at the service of some 1200 European customers, notably in France (80%), Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands.

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